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About Lady Stanford

Join us aboard the Lady Stanford for a leisurely boat cruise down the Klein River from
Stanford Village towards the Hermanus Estuary and back. Take in the stunning countryside against a scenic mountain backdrop coupled with exceptional birding. More than 250 bird species can be spotted in the wider Stanford area, of which 120 bird species can be spotted around the river and village. Passengers may also spot the occasional otter, terrapin, fish and other indigenous critters along the way 

Our knowledgeable guides are happy to share their vast knowledge of the area and answer any questions you might have.

The Lady Stanford comfortably accommodates up to 26 passengers and is equipped with various birding books and checklists, binoculars, blankets and a chemical toilet.

Lady Stanford welcomes you

Why Lady Stanford?


Interactive Guides

Our friendly guides have great insight into the Klein River, the species found here and Stanford Village. Don’t be afraid to ask.


Fully Equipped Facilities

We have everything for a happy cruise onboard - binoculars, birding books and checklists, blankets and a chemical toilet. Enjoy the ride.


A Variety Of bird species

Bird-lovers will relish the chance to view over 120 species of birds, including Herons, Hawks, Eagles, Ducks, Geese and many more.


Exclusive Charter

Lady Stanford comfortably seats 26 guests which makes it perfect for special occasions, social events and family gatherings.

The Cruises

Lady Stanford departs at scheduled times based on the season.
Each trip can be on an exclusive or per person basis.

Sunrise Cruise

From 8am - 10am
(Exclusive use only)

Late Morning Cruise

From 10:30am - 12:30am
(Exclusive use or per person basis)

Lunch Time Cruise

From 1:00pm - 3:00pm
(Exclusive use or per person basis)

Late Afternoon Cruise

From 3:30pm - 5:30pm
(Exclusive use or per person basis)

Sunset Cruise

From 6:00pm - Sunset
(Exclusive use only)


Cruises can be booked on either a per person rate or exclusively, with 5 scheduled trips per day depending on seasons. Special times can be booked by arrangement

Per Person

Whether with loved ones, family or friends, enjoy the amazing sights and experiences Stanford river has to offer Ice and glasses provided so be sure to pack some light drinks and snacks for your Stanford river cruise!

R 225 per person

Exclusive Use

Exclusive use of the entire boat with no snacks or refreshments provided. Grab a few friends or family and head down for the most beautiful cruise the Overberg has to offer! Be sure to pack some light snacks!

R 3000 (Max 26 Pax)

Optional picnic bag

Includes a delicious selection of breads, cheeses, salads, charcuterie, pate, dessert and water.
Order a delicious pizza to go along with your amazing cruise of the Stanford river

R 395 (serves 2) 
R130 per pizza (assorted)

The Klein River

Meandering its way through Stanford until it meets up with the Hermanus Lagoon, the Klein River originates in its namesake, the Klein River Mountains. The River comprises of 80km, but only stretches across 5km as the crow flies from origin to where it meets the Lagoon. The Klein River is a popular attraction for Stanfordians and visitors alike to gather and soak up the balmy countryside days. The steadily flowing water and its surrounding grassy banks makes it a great spot to enjoy a lovely picnic while taking in the beautiful views of river, village and mountains. It’s also perfect for taking a quick dip in the cool water, gliding along the water by kayak or canoe, enjoying wonderful birdwatching and of course, indulging in a leisurely boat cruise with family, colleagues and friends.

Along with providing us with stunning views and many fun ways to spend our days, the Klein River is also home to a variety of endemic bird species. The trees and reeds on the river banks provide shelter to various species like the African Swamphen, Darter, Little Egret, Glossy Ibis, Spoonbills, Egyptian Goose, Winged Stilt, Black Stork, African Fish Eagle and many more.

Be sure to book your leisure cruise and experience all that the Klein River and its surroundings have to offer with Lady Stanford. 

Bird Species

More than 250 bird species can be spotted in the wider Stanford area, of which roughly, 120 bird species, nest and breed in the banks and reeds of the Klein River


Fish Eagle


Cape Weaver


Purple Heron




Cape Teal


Little Grebe




Giant King




African Black Duck


Yellowe Billed


Greater Flamingo

Our Adventure


​​Directions to Lady Stanford Boat - 
• Slipway at c/o Church- and Du Toit Street 
• Upon entering Stanford, take the first RIGHT onto • Daneel Street
•Turn LEFT onto Du Toit Street
• Follow Du Toit Street until you reach the slipway
• Lady Stanford Boat is on your RIGHT 


Need help crafting a unique experience for your trip? Or, do you simply have a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you right away.

Tell 1:     082 766 8319
Tell 2:     082 902 1945
Tell 3:     028 341 0358

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